The Elephant and the Bee by Jess de Boer

The Elephant and the Bee by Jess de Boer

  • £12.99

The memoirs of a young white Kenyan girl with Oprah-esque dreams whose lifelong quest to change the world leads her deep into the unknown, round the bend and then back again.

Driven by a childhood urge to ‘Save the World’ young, naive Kenyan, Jess de Boer leaves her pampered and privileged home in Nairobi and heads out following no set direction or calling. She ricochets from one experience to another, sometimes hilarious, others jarring and emotional, until a sequence of events takes her back to Africa and, serendipitously, into the glorious world of beekeeping.

The Elephant and the Bee follows the hilarious journey of our wide-eyed modern day explorer and visionary as she tackles the enormous challenges of aid in Africa, environmental concerns and conservation issues, with all the internet-derived hubris of today’s youth. When Oprah says, “Be all you can be” and “Live your best life” Jess believes the former and is dedicated to the latter.

An insightful memoir from a twenty-something girl with big Oprah-esque dreams, this book is a hurricane of energy; at times funny ridiculous and educational, a sobering compendium, hard fought lessons and instructions for anyone out there who believes in their ability to stand up, shout out and make a difference.