The Colour Black by Maia Walczak

  • £12.99

Silvia is a half Norwegian half Mexican artist who lives in a luxurious penthouse in San Diego. She is 24 years old, and since the age of seven has lived a secret life. Jack is a 30-year-old environmental and human rights lawyer originally from New York and a keen wild swimmer. Five years ago Jack suddenly realised that life was not at all what it seemed. 

Silvia and Jack meet by accident. They share and intertwine their stories. And finally they embark on a journey that takes them physically from the streets of San Diego to the vast wilderness of Alaska, and mentally from their personal stories, to global issues, to the mysteries of the universe.

Part tragedy, part adventure, part love story, this is a book that asks questions about love, the universe and the human mind, but above all it asks the question: what is reality?