Swimming With Fishes by Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

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‘I dream you last night.’ Mother Cynthy’s smile, like her eyes, courted mischief. ‘Dream you were swimming with fishes. This can mean only one thing…’


The Meadows, Jamaica

Beautiful young Kat Lewis, artist and daughter of the community, has always wanted a child. She is overjoyed when Mother Cynthy, the town herbalist, sees Kat swimming with fishes in a dream, a vision that can only mean one thing: Kat will soon be a mother.

Tall, handsome Thornton "Ben" Benjamin, a successful Londoner in the real estate business, is on a business trip to The Meadows when he spots Kat on the beach. A mysterious energy draws him to her and despite the warning signs in his head, he is unable to resist. Throwing caution and better judgement to the wind, he pursues her and their initial friendship soon develops into a passionate romance. 

But secrets remain untold between them: Kat is suffering from a chronic illness and Ben has a secret life back home. Will their love survive those revelations, and will Ben be the man to make Kat's dream come true? Or will their relationship amount to no more than a romantic encounter under the bright Jamaican sun?